BNP Paribas in Greece

BNP Paribas enjoys a long tradition in Shipping/ Transportation Capital Markets  and has a presence in Greece for more than 30 years.

We have remained committed to the Greek shipping market throughout the years and have become one of the leading global financial institutions active in this market.

We have built a solid track record and have fostered strong  relationships with our selected top tier Greek Shipping Clients thanks  to our deep expertise and clear understanding of the specialized requirements of the shipping industry. 

Our core mission is to support our Clients’ investment plans with a particular focus on financing the transition to a lower emitting fleet as Shipping is a hard to abate sector. Our mission is therefore geared towards providing tailormade financing solutions.

We cater for all banking needs of our Clients by promoting BNP Paribas’ entire product range,  including Bank Debt, Export Credit and  Structured Leasing  for the financing of modern and newbuilding  vessels in the various sectors of shipping  (wet, dry, container etc.).

Additionally through the Bank’s  global reach, we can lead and execute ECM/DCM transactions, Corporate Finance (asset acquisition, M&A), and offer Global market solutions (interest swap, FFA, bunker hedging, ETS, etc.)   as well as Private Banking.

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